OMEGA Pocket Knee Pad
OMEGA Pocket Knee Pad
OMEGA Pocket Knee Pad
OMEGA Pocket Knee Pad
OMEGA Pocket Knee Pad
OMEGA Pocket Knee Pad
OMEGA Pocket Knee Pad
OMEGA Pocket Knee Pad
OMEGA Pocket Knee Pad
OMEGA Pocket Knee Pad
OMEGA Pocket Knee Pad
OMEGA Pocket Knee Pad

OMEGA Pocket Knee Pad

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With many of the team constantly traveling around the globe to contests, we wanted to create an even slimmer, lighter, low-profile knee pad that took up minimum space in your travel bag. By using a new “ultra-lite” SAS-TEC Viscoelastic foam cap, the Omega Pocket Knee Pad is a super comfortable pad that offers our highest standard of impact protection yet folds away to a fraction of the size of a regular knee pad. A product that has been an instant hit with our team and riders who like to travel light. The Omega Pocket Knee Pad is set to be a future FUSE Protection classic.

Pad Material: 
NEW SAS-TEC front with breathable perforated compression Lycra and “dry-fit” mesh on the rear 

"ultra-lite" SAS-TEC lightweight front section with extreme impact absorption properties, EVA side protection

• NEW ultra-lightweight and foldable kneepad
• super comfortable and travel friendly
• anti-bacterial neoprene
• incredibly lightweight and extremely breathable strapless design for uncompromised performance
• “ultra-lite” SAS-TEC Viscoelastic foam cap
• reinforced super tough design for longevity 
• compression technology, with printed Kenesio™ bands to combat fatigue and muscle failure
• silicone gripper on the top and bottom and inside to hold the pad in place and prevent slip 

Weight: 160g!

Certification: EN 1621-2012 - Level 1

Color: Black/yellow

DFS or “Defence Foam System” is FUSE Protections own 150kg/m3 Memory Foam. This high-impact absorbent material can be found in our DELTA pads and ensures high protection properties, but with increased notability and comfort, even on harder falls.

SAS-TEC viscoelastic Polyurethane foam inserts are specifically developed for extreme impact absorption. Found in our ECHO and OMEGA pads, the material displays a dual characteristic; soft and flexible in its native state, but upon impact it reacts like a rigid body by absorbing and dispersing energy into the elastic structure. Developed in Germany to meet the toughest European safety standards for motorcycle protection, there is nothing better to protect your body.

Fuse Protection is proud to use Cordura, one of the most durable and dependable fabrics in the world across our pad range. Used by the military, mountaineering, and industrial sectors, Cordura is durable and resistant to abrasions, tears and scuffs. The perfect material to use on the areas of critical wear, this material allows for our pads to last for years and years…
These specially designed “Grippers” are made from neoprene and silicone and help keep your pads in place and prevent them from slipping or moving about whilst riding. Allowing us to use less or even no straps, the Sharkskin grippers are an essential part in keeping you comfortable and protected whilst riding. Featured across our whole range, this one small, but important, feature helps make FUSE pads simply unbeatable.

An essential ingredient in our game-changing OMEGA pads, this super thin breathable and durable material keeps the back of your pads ventilated and comfortable even during the heaviest of sessions and warmest of climates.


NANOFRONT™ is the world's first ultra-fine polyester nanofiber. With a diameter of merely 700 nanometers, one fibre is 1/7500 of a human hair.
Used on many of our FUSE Protection gloves, the surface density of fabric made with NANOFRONT is about 10 times greater than other fabrics. And since the undulations are at the nano-level, the fiber surface produces a large frictional force for strong gripping power.