Introducing - The Omega Pocket Knee Pad

With many of the team constantly traveling around the globe to contests, we wanted to create an even slimmer, lighter, low-profile knee pad that took up minimum space in your travel bag.

By using a new “ultra-lite” SAS-TEC Viscoelastic foam cap, the Omega Pocket Knee Pad is a super comfortable pad that offers our highest standard of impact protection yet folds away to a fraction of the size of a regular knee pad. A product that has been an instant hit with our team and riders who like to travel light. The Omega Pocket Knee Pad is set to be a future FUSE Protection classic.

Pad Material: 
NEW SAS-TEC front with breathable perforated compression Lycra and “dry-fit” mesh on the rear

"ultra-lite" SAS-TEC lightweight front section with extreme impact absorption properties, EVA side protection

• NEW ultra-lightweight and foldable kneepad
• super comfortable and travel friendly
• anti-bacterial neoprene
• incredibly lightweight and extremely breathable strapless design for uncompromised performance
• “ultra-lite” SAS-TEC Viscoelastic foam cap
• reinforced super tough design for longevity 
• compression technology, with printed Kenesio™ bands to combat fatigue and muscle failure
• silicone gripper on the top and bottom and inside to hold the pad in place and prevent slip 

Weight: 160g!

Certification: EN 1621-2012 - Level 1

Color: Black/yellow