Introducing the ALPHA-R Series

Skateparks get stoked. FUSE Protection is excited to announce the launch of our new ALPHA-R line, a new range of protection specifically designed for Skateparks as a high-quality rentable product.

With FUSE products being worn by riders in skateparks all around the world for over 15 years now, we wanted to be able to supply skateparks with the longest lasting and most durable rental pads & helmets on the market, as well as being able to introduce FUSE and our products to new riders and parents during their first days in the sport.

The ALPHA-R series features a Knee Pad, Elbow Pad and Shin Pad, all built with the same high-quality materials and following the same European made craftsmanship as our current FUSE ALPHA line and available in our wide array of sizes. The ALPHA-R series also includes a special rental specific version of our ALPHA helmet which is worn by FUSE PRO riders Kriss Kyle and Jack Clark. ALPHA-R products have distinct Orange branding to easily separate them from the rest of our product line, with clear sizing and RENTAL markings making them perfect for Skateparks to rent to new or first-time customers.

We’re looking forward to seeing a new generation of riders learn to progress in their first days of the sport – knowing that they are backed by the best protective equipment in the game.

The ALPHA-R line will be available worldwide in a few weeks time. For more information please get in contact with your FUSE Distributor in your country. A full list of our international distributors can be found HERE.