Fuse pads are well known, well loved and well used by riders all over the world. From pro riders to rookies our protection inspires those with confidence to take their riding to the next level. Our latest line of protection gear has had a serious makeover, with the addition of new design features, materials, technologies and have of course retained the ‘bullet proof’ quality they are best known for.

When redesigning the pads we focused on three key areas; comfort, durability and performance. Many of the pads now make use of Lycra, which offers incredible comfort and breathability, and at the same time a reduction in weight. The impact areas of the pads use a new super tough Neoprene and Cordura material for improved durability. The Echo series of pads feature the latest protection systems from SAS-TEC, makers of industry leading protection inserts that pass the highest motorcycle standards.

Without doubt the most important part of your body to protect is your head. This year we are proud to launch two completely new helmets, both have a deep fitting shape for maximum comfort and protection. The Delta series of helmets feature the latest in-mold technology making them 23% lighter than a typical hard shell design.

You may be riding in the depths of winter or the heights of summer but keeping a grip on your bars is always a challenge no matter what. Our new range of FUSE gloves offer fantastic comfort while retaining a fantastic level of grip and feel.

Whatever you do on your bike, Fuse is here to #SaveYourSkin.


The Alpha series pads form the entry level range, with the same trusted protection systems used in the older Classic defense line. Each pad has been updated to further improve the durability and comfort of the pad. To achieve this we have used new materials such as Duratex neoprene and dual layer Lycras as well as new strap designs. All aspects of protection are catered for with a wide range of models from ankle supports through to combo shin pads.


The Delta series has moved things on from the previous Full defense line, but still uses the proven DFS protection. These pads feature a fully updated design with a more comfortable and breathable Lycra back, and new strap designs combined with a grippy (sharkskin) inner section hold the pads in place like never before.


Brand new for 2015 is the Echo line. These pads are aimed squarely at the MTB rider, and thanks to the industry leading pad inserts from SAS-TEC they perform to the highest level. The Echo line feature various knee/shin combo designs all of which use an extremely durable CorduraTM face fabric to deal with the harsh terrain that comes with MTB riding.


Kriss Kyle


Adding Kriss Kyle to the FUSE team was a no brainer. Kriss is the perfect definition of an all-terrain-shredder. Wether it be laying down technical street lines on a trip in some far corner of the globe, or shredding his backyard skatepark Unit 23 in Scotland, Kriss gives it is all and goes big no matter the setup.

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Shane Weston


Shane has always worn shin pads and is very protective of his shins, if you have ever seen him do a nothing up a set of stairs then you realise why he needs them. Shane hails from Nashville, he is a super down to earth rider and if you ever meet him make sure you buy him a soda and talk some sport…

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Christoph Werner


One Germany's most talented park riders, Christoph destroys ramps by day, and the dance floor by night. This Jagermeister enthusiast isn't scared of sending it on street either.

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Grant Fielder


Grant Fielder AKA Chopper has had his fair share of up’s and downs riding a bike, in 2005 in landed badly and split his pancreas while putting a hole in his stomach. It didn't stop him though, proof that humans are as tough as hell.

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Thomas Benedetti


Thomas Benedetti is an all-terrain shredder based out of France who will absolutely destroy whatever is put in front of him.

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Tom Isted


Tom is a rare breed to say the least. Killing it equally on BMX and on a 26" MTB, this multi-platform shredder form the UK goes higher and bigger than anyone else.

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Larry Edgar


When you think of huge airs, ultimate style and total abandonment for any kind of safety then you might think of Larry Edgar. His traditional big and flowing riding style is so refreshing these days and we are very proud to have him part of the team.

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Nicolas Terrier


French MTB assassin Nicolas Terrier is the latest addition to our team. When not killing it at contests, Nicolas can be found in the woods working on something wild to throw at the next one...

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Defence Foam System

Our Defense Foam System features a strong yet flexible Polyurthane foam inlay which not only absorbs impacts but also provides maximum comfort by molding to your body.

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sastec tab


Sas-tec is a viscoelastic pu foam, comfortable and flexible for improved rider movement yet capable of absorbing repeated high impact loads.

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From the Blog

5 Reasons why you should be wearing pads for street…

Now that Winter is finally over (for most of you) and the sun is deciding to finally show itself, it’s time to get outside and hit the streets. Wearing pads always will come down to what you feel is right for you, but then being a protection brand, we obviously will always try to promote the use of pads and protective equipment in BMX, especially with street riding.

Here are 5 reasons why you should probably look into padding up before heading out of the door this weekend and sending yourself down the nearest 20 stair.

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Welcome to FUSE Tomass Grinbergs

We’re delighted to welcome Tomass Grinbergs to the FUSE Protection family through our Baltic distributor Par BMX in Latvia. Here’s what the guys at Par BMX had to say about Tomass now repping FUSE over there.

Tomass Grinbergs has been steadily killing the Baltic’s contest scene for years now and it seemed like a perfect fit to have him as part of the PARBMX team and represent that kind of skatepark riding. He was rocking Fuse gear even before we became the distributors for the brand, so naturally, it made sense to have him rep the brand locally.” – Toms Sillns

Tomass is an absolute ripper on a bike and we can’t wait to see more of him this year.

Photo: Arthur Sadovsky

Larry Edgar is too damn good…

Oh man Larry Edgar kills it in this. How he gets that extra 4ft on every transition he touches baffles us.

FUSE @ Frostbike 2017

We were blown away by the “Heads Up” helmet show that the guys at QBP were showing off at their annual Frostbike show this weekend in Minneapolis. They gave some of their staff the task of customizing our Alpha Helmets and the results are amazing!

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FUSE ECHO Pads in “World Of MTB” Magazine

The big wheelers out there will have noticed our ECHO 100 and ECHO 75 pads in the latest “World of MTB” product guide. Featuring full or half length shin protection and SAS-TEC technology, more and more MTB riders are realising the advantages of riding in FUSE pads, and were stoked on that.

Tom Isted – Home & Away

Tom lsted literally going to the moon in his latest video part for Mongoose. That caveman is unreal….

ALPHA Gloves in action

Kriss Kyle putting our ALPHA Gloves to the test in this awesome new episode from Redbull on Youtube.



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