Grant Fielder

Team Rider

Where are you from?
Southampton, UK

Can you lace a wheel?
Yeah sure but I don’t want to be responsible for whoever rides it!

What got you into riding bikes?
I was always into football (still am) but I didn’t like not doing what I wanted, when I wanted. Team sports weren’t my thing at school. So I started riding and I was in charge!

The worst crash you had on your bike?
In 2005 I landed on my handlebars and split my pancreas and put a hole in my stomach. I was in intensive care for some time. Very scary time in my career

What do you bring with you when you go out riding?
Always an Allen key, phone and POV camera, portable charger

Name 3 things you always bring when on the road.
My bike obviously, sweets, proper going out shoes (incase we party) and a beer

Places you visited so far.
Practically the whole of Europe, Canada/North and South America, Russia, Japan, Singapore, most of northern Africa, all of the British Isles except the Shetland Islands haha. So a fair amount of air miles for sure. Home is where the heart is.

What inspires you to do what you do on your bike?
I like to see what i am capable of doing everyday. Coming close to crashing is what gives me the biggest buzz weirdly. If you ain’t pushing it, then stay semi pro! I want to get as many children into bikes and their attitudes are amazing. They are so up for going for the craziest things straight away. Great way to be (I hold them back a bit though, it is during a school club). Learn to build up!