New Gloves Out Now

Our highly anticipated new line of gloves have landed at FUSE distributions worldwide and are on their way to your local BMX shop or favorite mail order right now.

Our new glove range is without a doubt our best and broadest line to date, utilizing brand new materials, manufacturing methods and a wide variety of colours and styles to keep every rider happy. Working closely together with one of the worlds leading hand-wear manufactures, these gloves have been thoroughly redesigned from the ground up to ensure that the fitting, performance and durability is second to none.

The ALPHA glove builds on our classic FUSE design from recent years, but with new materials and improved durability.

The OMEGA glove follows the clean and sleek aesthetic as our Omega pad line, with a slim strapless construction and stealth tone-in-tone graphics.

The CHROMA line injects wild new colourways and flavours into our glove line, designed to turn heads, help you stand out from the masses and express yourself, without sacrificing protection or performance.

Improved fit and durability, these new gloves look and feel amazing.