What counts as a defect in workmanship?

A defect in workmanship is any problem with a product that should have been noticed by our skilled quality control inspection prior to shipping. It is in fact any part of the manufacturing process that was completed incorrectly or missed. If something bends or breaks it is not necessarily such a defect, and all such defects need to be notified within the 90 days. Ideally such problems should be found before you begin to use the new product and if you do find something wrong get in touch straight away.


I have spoken with the shop where I bought my bike and they said I should send the part to you directly?

This is not the case, and in the unlikely event that your local shop does not know how to deal with warranties they can contact the Fuse Protection Company distributor directly and ask. A list of all distributors and contact information is on this site under ‘distributors’. If this still does not work you may send the parcel to the distributor directly, but be sure to contact them and us beforehand – remember that if your random product arrives in a warehouse of bike parts with no name or contact infos…it will go into long term unmarked storage and maybe even get lost. Label everything clearly and include all relevant information. In sending your product you accept all risk for problems during transit and should consider the issue of insurance carefully.

An exception to this might occur if your product is outside the usual one year/ 90 day warranty period. It could be your shop is not open to discussion about dealing with warranties that occur after the one year/ 90 days, this is understandable, they are also very busy and may not have the means to assess the product properly. In these cases talk to them and ask if they will at least talk with the distributor (point them here if they’re unsure), it is important for the scene that riders have good contact with and use their local dealer. If you are still drawing a blank….and have read the rest of this page talk to us.


Do I require a proof of purchase, what is that exactly?

Yes you will require proof of purchase. The original sales receipt or invoice is considered proof or purchase for the warranty. Without this information we cannot be certain that you’re the original owner and this can void your warranty. If you do not have it… talk to us, we will consider things one on one and do what we think is fair… those rules are there only to prevent some from taking advantage of our good will.


I saw some cool FUSE products on your website, but my dealer told me it’s not available in my country? Why is that? And how do I know what they have?

It’s the distributors decision what he wants to order. If there is a product you wanna have, tell your FUSE dealer. If enough dealers tell the distributor, they will order it for sure. We’re also not able to keep tabs on what every dealer has in stock. You have to contact your dealer or distributor. Your dealer should check availability before taking your order because just as we said before…. there is no guarentee that the distro ordered that product/colour.


Can I get some prices on some of your products?

No. We don’t quote retail prices here because they vary from country to country. You’ll have to contact a bike shop that sells FUSE products. Or contact a mailorder company for prices – there are now many on the internet. Prices are not accessible through the factory.


What colors are available?

You’ll find information about colors in the usual product specs. But the availability in your country depends on the distributor of your country and what they’ve ordered see also ‘availabilty’. So if you wanna be sure, ask your dealer. At the moment custom colours are not available from us.


Where can I get FUSE products? Can i buy direct from you?

We are not able to deal direct, but we have worked hard to establish good relationships with rider orientated distributors who can offer more dedicated support nearer to dealers and riders. If your country has a distributor (check out under ‘distributors’), your dealer can order from them . Since we are based in Germany, we do not have a list of all dealers (it would be out of date every month!). You could also check out the ‘links’ page for some online shops who sell FUSE – many can ship to almost any country.



I was wondering if you guys had a catalog? If yes, how can I get one?

We do sometimes produce them. They are available from distributors and dealers if we have, but we are moving to an increasingly electronic based system. For a pdf version go to our catalog download section.



Can i work for you?

Maybe, but right now no. We’re also not able to offer any work experience places at the moment because the time that we’d like to put in simply isn’t there; we’re such a small company it’s unlikely to work or be of use to you. Please understand that even work experience can be a time intensive two way thing and we’re actually saying no for ‘your’ benifit.


Do we think about the environment?

Too right we do. All our manufacturing is strictly controlled to agreed international standards. We’ve avoided the use of chrome over the years and our powder chrome process is a lot more friendly than traditional methods. All our cardboard packaging(and progressively everything else) is from recycled sources and to support that we also recycle all our paper, plastic and packaging at the office. We all cycle into work, we share a single car, have fitted energy saving/movement activated lighting where possible and on the whole do give a shit about this kind of thinking. We make parts that last so they don’t need replacing as often. We try to do our bit although we’re still a long way from being the best. We help the local scene out with re-using product and small parts. I couldn’t say what our carbon footprint is, but the ideology and our thoughts about it are being re-looked at the whole time.


I have no questions to ask but i would like to see if there are real people reading the emails i send to you?

You can rest assured that we read each email personally and everyone gets a reply from us and not from some bit of software, but if you want to check, send us something interesting.


I emailed you guys yesterday and you never replied, what’s up?!

Give us a chance! we go through each mail personally, – yeah we actually read and reply to what you have to say. The downside is that it takes us time. We’d normally expect to get back to you within a couple of days but it sometimes takes us longer. If you’ve had no response within 12 days then remind us cause something is wrong. Thanks for your patience.


If you still didn’t find the answer to your question, we are here to help, write a mail trough our contact form.