Welcome Brian Fox

FUSE Protection is proud to welcome American powerhouse Brian Fox to the team. Brian burst onto the contest scene over the past couple of years, combining huge tricks and enormous amounts of energy every time he sets foot on a bike. Firing out double backlfips and 1080s mid contest run with his “go big or go home” attitude and always smiling, we couldn’t think of a more perfect rider to representing what FUSE is all about.

We caught up with Brian just after X Games to find out a bit more about why he’s stoked to be part of the FUSE family, some of the prototypes he’s been helping us test, and what he’s got planned for the rest of the year.

Photo’s by Aaron Zwaal

How does it feel to ride for FUSE?

Man, it’s rad! To be honest it’s kinda perfect since I’ve been riding with FUSE pads for the past 5 years!

You are known for sending your self and throwing down big tricks. Because of this, you’re obviously no stranger to crashing, how important is it to you to be using protective equipment?

It’s extremely important to wear pads for me when learning tricks because accidents do happen. Riding my bike in pain isn’t fun so I do my best to avoid injury by wearing my pads.

What FUSE gear are you riding right now?

I’m currently riding the DELTA SCOPE Helmet, ALPHA shin/whip pad, ALPHA wrist support, and the new OMEGA knee pads.

What’s your favorite FUSE product?

That’s a tough question because I’m really stoked on everything that FUSE has going on, but one thing that has really helped my riding confidence a ton this year is the Alpha wrist support. I had surgery on my wrist at the end of 2015, and since then have experienced this chronic pain in my wrist while riding that has held me back. The Alpha wrist support is super vital for me to have while riding every session and I feel naked without it.

You’re riding the new OMEGA knee pads, have they made a difference to your riding?

One of the biggest differences I feel with the new OMEGA knee pad is comfortability! I put them on and seriously forget they are there! Safety, which is most important to me, I can assure you that even being a super lightweight, comfortable pad, they are still very safe! I remember taking a hard slam to my knees during practice at the Nitro games and being surprised at how well they worked upon impact. I’m really, really stoked on these right now  anbd can’y wait for everyone else to ride them too.

What is your opinion on wearing a helmet when you ride?

Out of all the pads you can wear, wearing your helmet is and always should be the most important safety gear you wear. It takes one little mistake to change your life forever.

Had a crazy year so far with plenty of contest podiums and traveling, what have you been up to?

Yes, it has been a wild ride this year thats for sure! My new year’s resolution for 2017 was to put all of my efforts into riding my bike, and I have. It was the greatest decision of my entire life! I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to 6 different countries this year so far and counting!

Describe your ultimate riding setup?

Honestly, I’ve been really loving some dirt lately. The new and improved FOD trails at the Cordova boys house looks to be exactly what I dream of riding.

One trick that you’d love to get dialed for next season?

Back flip bar spin to whip or 1080 bar spin.

Favorite place you’ve traveled to this year…

Cape Town, South Africa for sure!

5 things you can’t travel without

1. Bike 2. Clothes 3. Friends 4. Phone to document absolute chaos 5. Headphones to block out that crying baby that’s always sitting next to me on the plane! 

What have you got planned for the rest of the year?

Just riding my bike and having fun. Going with the flow!