Tom Isted

Team Rider

Date of birth?!

Where are you from?
I’m from Liskeard in Cornwall, England.

Describe your current bike setup in three words.
My dream bike.

Can you lace a wheel?
Yes I work in a bike shop!

What got you into riding small kids bikes?
I was a small kid at the time so it made sense and never looked back.

Do you have any interests besides riding?
Not a lot really I ride MTB as well as BMX so there all ways some thing to ride.

What do you bring with you when you go out riding?
Tools, lens for my phone and a speaker.

Places you visited so far that really stood out.
California and South Africa.

What would you change in BMX?
Nothing to be honest. So many people have opinions, I’m not that fused just want to ride my bike.

What inspires you to do what you do on your bike?
No idea I just enjoy the rush that come with riding.

Any shout outs?
Pete at Dead Sailor BMX, Ryan at Extreme Official and Stanley Tools, Leigh and Steve at Mongoose bikes, Mark at CSG BMX.