Shane Weston

Team Rider

Date of birth?!

Where are you from?
Nashville Tennessee, AYE

Who do you ride for?
Flybikes, Eclat, Danscomp, and Fuse Pads

Describe your current bike setup in three words.
Black, Pegless, Coastin

Can you lace a wheel?

What got you into riding small kids bikes?
Some friends in 5th grade

Do you have any interests besides riding?
Dodgeball, Ping pong, Watching the Lakers and cursing at Romo through the tv

Cigarettes or chewing gum?

What’s in your pockets?
No pockets, gym shorts

What do you bring with you when you go out riding?
Ipod, shin pads, Coke a cola

Name 5 things you always take on a roadtrip.
Phone, iPod, laptop, murrays pomade, money

Places you visited so far that really stood out.
Spain. Definitely a different world. I liked the fact the locals couldn’t understand what I was saying.

What would you change in BMX?
Haha, too much thinking for this question. I pass

What inspires you to do what you do on your bike?
No idea, just kinda stare at a set up until I think of something that feels right to try

Any shout outs?
Everyone at Fly, Eclat, Almond, Danscomp, and you guys at Fuse. Also my Pops, Cassidy, and Friends.