Kriss Kyle

Where are you from? 
Im from a small town called Stranraer in the South of Scotland. Im now living in sunny Dumbarton.

Describe your current bike setup in three words.
Fast, strong, clean.

Can you lace a wheel?
No I tried once before and gave up haha. It would take me all day to do it!

What got you into riding small kids bikes ?
My brother Leigh Kyle. When I was really young my mum would take me out to the skatepark to watch my brother ride. It just looked like he and his friends were having so much fun. So after that I begged my mum and dad for a 16″ Haro 360 for my 10th birthday. Couldn’t believe it when i got it. After that point I was hooked on it and BMX became my life.

Rails or trails?
Both I like to ride a bit of everything. I would get so bored riding just one thing.

What’s worse? Riding in the rain or riding in the cold?
Rain for sure! At least you can ride in the cold a little. Just take ages to get warmed up.

The worst crash you had on your bike?
I have been real lucky so far to be honest. The worst thing i have done is torn ligaments in my right ankle.

What do you bring with you when you go out riding?
Tools in my bag, Gloves, Helmet, spare pair of shoes and a Red Bull. Think thats about it.

Name 5 things you always bring on a roadtrip.
Passport, Phone, spare freecoaster, Helmet and Gloves and spare shoes.

Name your 5 favorites songs of all time.
AC,DC Long Way To The Top, Lucero Tears Don’t Matter Much, Pink Floyd Wish you were here, Biggie Smalls Juicy and Floor Tales Of Lolita

Places you visited so far.
Been to so many rad places but the places that have really stood out to me are Buenos Airs in Argentina that place was crazy! Seen some crazy things there and was such a rad trip. Also Israel the spots there are something els. Been there twice now and both times have been amazing! I love Arizona all the spots are crazy there too loads of ditches to ride. Thats probably my top three. I could go on for days though.

What would you change in BMX?
I’m not sure I would change anything to be honest.

Where do you see BMX in 5 years?
I have no idea! Its crazy some of the stuff riders are doing these days so it will be insane to see what will happen within 5 years time.

What inspires you to do what you do on your bike?
I guess the people i look up to and my friends. Filming for video projects and traveling.