Here at FUSE we are excited to give you a first look at our new ALPHA Glove that will be released later this year. This is our slimmest, best fitting glove yet. The ALPHA model is the end result of over a year of serious testing and development with Kriss Kyle and the rest of the FUSE team.

When it came time to design the new ALPHA glove we knew we wanted to make it as simple and comfortable as possible. No gimmicks, no magic features, just a great fitting, long lasting glove designed for the modern day rider. We started with a stretchy super comfortable material on the top of the glove, and added a hardwearing palm area to insure that the glove gripped well and could hold up to crashes again and again. After the base design was complete, we then put all the effort into the details.


Being comfortable has always been one of our main concerns, that’s why we used reinforcements only where necessary on our ALPHA gloves – like in-between the thumb and index finger, one of the key stress areas on a typical glove. We also let the palm material run around and over the top of the index and middle finger, an area where gloves often wear out which can be infuriating to the a rider.


After listening to feedback from the team and identifying a problem area in the palm we wanted to ensure that it was ventilated as much as possible, so you will notice these micro vents all over the surface of the palm, which help keep your hand ventilated and the glove breathable.


To round it off we added a small pull-tab with a sticky silicone print, an adjustable wrist strap, a minimalist rubberised tone-in-tone FUSE logo and three lines of sticky silicone on the index and middle finger for extra grip.




Overall the glove came out just like we wanted it, clean, simple and super comfortable, basically a second skin for your hands.

The ALPHA Glove will be available later this year within a wide choice of sizes at your local FUSE dealer. Look out for more info on our 2017 line coming soon…