5 Reasons why you should be wearing pads for street…

Now that Winter is finally over (for most of you) and the sun is deciding to finally show itself, it’s time to get outside and hit the streets. Wearing pads always will come down to what you feel is right for you, but then being a protection brand, we obviously will always try to promote the use of pads and protective equipment in BMX, especially with street riding.

Here are 5 reasons why you should probably look into padding up before heading out of the door this weekend and sending yourself down the nearest 20 stair.

1. The dreaded “Shinner”

We’ve all been there. That moment when you slip a pedal and the fury of a thousand angry hornets is unleashed on your precious shins and you can kiss goodbye to wearing shorts for the rest of the year in fear of upsetting your girlfriends parents with your scabby bleeding shins. It doesnt matter what pedals you’re running, if you slip a pedal, you’re going to know about it, and it’s going to hurt like a bitch. Luckily shinpads exist for moments like this, and our ALPHA Shin Pads come in a variety of different options to ensure you have the pad that is right for you.

2.Knees don’t last forever.

It’s common sense when you think about it. BMX takes a toll on the body, and if your knees are feeling a tad dodgy now, boy are you in for a shock in 10-20 years time. Be nice to your body, look after your knees, and you’ll be thanking yourself in the future when you’ve hung your pegs up for good and you want to leave the front door without feeling like a new born Zebra on a wildflife documentry.

3. Concrete sucks.

It’s in the name, “street”. Streets are made of concrete and other hard stuff. It ain’t a health and safety approved children’s play park out there, stairs, rails, ledges and banks are all made of sturdy man-made materials that are built to withstand a human sized impact at speed. If you come off and land on it wrong, it’s going to hurt you. Be smart, bring the right equipment to make sure you’re not on crutches recovering all Summer catching up with Adam LZ’s latest Vlog about drifting and peanut butter.

4.It isn’t the 90’s anymore.

Sadly for you, you’re not Matt Hoffman and you don’t need to wear a chest protector and a full-face to hit the local bank spot. Long gone are the days of giant plastic kneecaps, pads and protective equipment have come a hell of a long way in recent years, and you don’t have to worry about looking like a Storm Tropper every time you go to pad up. All FUSE pads are designed with comfort and maneuverability in mind, so you can head out for a day filming without feeling restricted, uncomfortable, or just plain stupid whilst you’re trying to get a clip.

5. PRO’s know whats up.

Contrary to what “Jimmy the anonymous Instagram commenter” tells you, most PRO street riders do in fact wear one form of protection or another when out riding. If you look at many of the top 10 street riders in the world, they are all most likely wearing pads or ankle supports under their pants, and for good reason too. PRO riders do everything they can to keep themselves riding for as long as possible and without unnecessary injury. When you’re pushing yourself as hard as possible, you need to make sure you have every advantage up your sleeve to keep riding on and on and on…

With that being said, all we can do if offer your our opinion. If you don’t want to ride in pads then that’s absolutely fine with us, just dont tell us we didnt warn you.